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Spiritual Polyamory by Mystic Life - How to love without fear

Welcome to Polyamory ~ An Unconditional Love!

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This site is dedicated to the exploration of polyamory, and is based upon the belief that many people are ready for the experience of giving and receiving love without conditions.

Check out the articles, resources, videos, or find a new partner by placing a poly personal ad.

If monogamy doesn't feel like an honest reflection of who you are, polyamory offers an opportunity to be loved without conditions, and be known for who you really are.

There are varying definitions of polyamory.  Some focus upon sexual behavior while others focus upon emotions.  Regardless, polyamory is about expanding our concept of love.

For many, loving more than one person feels congruent and natural.  Polyamory ~ An Unconditional Love supports the idea that true love is unconditional...and knows no fear, limits or ownership.


Spiritual Polyamory
by Mystic Life

Spiritual Polyamory by Mystic Life
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Spiritual Polyamory is a powerful, groundbreaking work, certain to challenge and stimulate members of both the “poly-curious” and polyamorous communities. Mystic Life takes you on a journey into honesty, awareness and self-exploration. You will be encouraged to explore your true beliefs about love, jealousy, sex and letting go of control.

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